Sunday, September 27, 2009

Italian Expo at the GRB

Hello and welcome to Darby's Alternate Route!

I just wanted to let you know that my family and I went to the Italian Expo at the George R. Brown Convention Center on Sunday. What a fantastic event! Thanks to Spec's Liquors for putting on the event. The expo ran from Friday until Sunday and from the sponsors and volunteers I talked to, Friday and Saturday were jam-packed with people. I'm glad I went on Sunday. I thought it was packed then.

They had everything Italian in there, from dozens of different kinds of cheeses (they had a goat cheese that was my favorite) to sausages, baked ziti, lasagna, chocolates, italian ice creams, proscuito, olive oil, crackers and about 100 different kinds of italian wines. And you could sample them all for free! A good time was had by all! They even had a fashion show which my daughter must've watched three times. All the vendors were very friendly and well educated on all of their products.

I highly recommend this expo the next time it comes to town and want to thank Paul Tilotta at Spec's for the tickets. Paul tells me that Spec's plans to bring back the expo this coming spring. I'll definitely be there and I'll let you know all the info when I get it myself. Coming up is the Festa Italiana in October. I'll have all the information on that good time coming soon. Stay tuned.

Thanks to everyone who came up to me with well wishes. It really means a lot to me.

Talk to you soon,


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